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31 May 2012


Have you been having cake design withdrawals?  If so, fear not; I'm here to feed your addiction...and in a big way.  We're talking all, yes, ALL, of the cakes from the month of May.  There are even a few cupcakes and one prom dinner included at no extra charge!

Why am I sharing everything with you in one GIANT post?  Because I love ya!  Well, that, and because I've been so swamped these past few weeks that something had to get put on the back burner if I wanted to get any sleep at all; and yep, the editing/uploading of photos and writing of posts won that race.  Or maybe it lost the race?  Either way...let's get started, shall we?

#1.  My favorite cartoon character hands down.  And, of course, a cake with his image wouldn't be complete without a few burgers and the team's van!  The burgers were actually "Krabby Patties" gummy candies, but they worked like a charm.

#2.  The first of many of the graduation themed cakes from these past few weeks.  The graduation cap cutouts and "Class of 2012" were made from an icing sheet cut on the Silhouette, the paw print was fondant.


#3.  The fraternal, not identical, twin of Cake #2.  Again the stars and inscription were Silhouette cuts using an icing sheet, the graduation cap was made from rice krispies and fondant.


#4.  Graduation cake for a political science major at THE state's college!  I hand-cut and layered the logo and gavel using gumpaste.  The lettering was cut using the Silhouette.  (Seeing a theme here with my Silhouette usage?  If not, give me a'll get clearer.)


#5.  Another OSU grad cake, the recipients of this one were headed to LSU for the next step in their adventure.  The cake is rather hard to read, but said "Love Purple" across the top tier, and "Live Orange" across the bottom tier.  The decorations were made from fondant/gumpaste; the phrases from icing sheets. And, yes, that is a motel room serving as the backdrop.  This cake, along with #4 and #8, were traveling cakes!

#6.  Hello!  A pretty pink birthday cake with a friendly kitty and lots of flowers.  The letters on this cake were fondant and were not cut using the Silhouette. *wink, wink*


#7.  An animal themed graduation cake.  Paw prints, zebra stripes, and a wildcat, oh my!  The school mascot = wildcat, hence the paw prints and topper, but the honoree adored zebra stripes, so we also had to make sure those were included.


#8.  Scrub top cake for a friend's graduation from physical therapy school.  The cake was chocolate with a toasted marshmallow buttercream and crushed graham cracker filling.  Yum, yum!


#9.  Cupcakes!  With camouflage toppers!  Bet you had a hard time seeing them, huh?


Good news!  We are halfway to the finish!  Woo!  Do you need to top off your cup of coffee?  I'll wait...

Oh good, you came back!  Let's resume our tour.

#10.  Cupcakes!  For a 2012 graduate whose school colors just happened to be red, white, and blue.  This design would make a fun treat for July 4th...hmm...


#11.  Cake for the same school's graduation as the cupcakes above, but for a different honoree.  The eagle was made from gumpaste.


#12.  Sports themed cupcakes for a baby shower.  The toppers were Wilton royal icing decorations.  Don't judge...I was under time constraints due to being unable to get in contact with the client.  They still turned out very cute, even with the mass produced decorations!


#13.  Gold, black, and silver star topped cuppies for a new college grad.


#14.  A multicolored, floral themed cake for a younger graduate.  Chocolate cake with chocolate chip cookie dough filling.


#15.  The prom dinner Madre and I put together for my niece and her date - steaks, twice baked potatoes, broccoli, dinner rolls, and cherry cheesecake, all homemade, of course!  The original plan was to serve dinner on the deck, but the 35 mph winds and near 100°F heat thwarted us, so yes, my patio set was relocated to my living room.  It all worked out though!


Hungry now?  Hang with me just a few more minutes...only four left!

#16.  A "naughty/nice" cake for a "bachelorette shower."  I had originally designed a different cake, but the bachelorette party became a bridal shower, so I had to make some changes.  Oh, and I learned an important lesson...never use the method I did to apply petal dust to a buttercream, it didn't turn out so well, certainly nothing like I envisioned. *sigh*


#17.  Jewels, feathers, and a crown...definitely a cake fit for a princess.  There was a different castle backdrop framed in purple on each side of the cake; the client planned to add princess figurines after delivery.


#18.  A simple graduation cake for a reception honoring students from several schools.  The grad cap and scroll were gumpaste; the lettering Silhouette icing sheet cutouts.


And, at long last...drum roll, please...the final cake!

#19.  And, yes, it's another graduation cake!  This one for the hometown event, complete with orange polka dots and paw prints.


Are you still with me?  If so, I applaud your stamina!  Thanks for sticking it out, you have my permission to go take a nap now if you'd like.

Talk to you soon!

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