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16 May 2012

Put on Your Dancing Shoes

Or maybe that should be your running shoes; at least if you want to try to keep up with me anyway.  Seems like the past few weeks I've been doing nothing but running here and there and everywhere, including from one end of my fabulous state to the other and back again!  Want proof?  These cakes I'm sharing today are from April.  Yes, April!

I know...I'm a horrible blogger.  *hanging head in shame*

*brightening suddenly*  But, I've managed to keep up with the tasty tips!  So it hasn't been completely a deserted wasteland around here.

I solemnly swear to try to do better.  But, for now, let's go dancing!

Ballet, perhaps?


Or maybe hip-hop is more your style?


There's always tap - maybe it's your cup of tea?


None of those strike your fancy?  Well, there's always the option of Mexican Fiesta music...


If you opt for the fiesta, don't forget your sombrero, it might help protect you from some of the heat of the peppers!


In case you are wondering, everything on both cakes is completely edible.  The dance step charts in the first cake were made from edible images.  The tiles on the fiesta cake were hand drawn and colored on gumpaste; all the other additional elements (i.e. chili peppers, dahlia flowers, sombrero, and blanket) were made from fondant.

Who wants to go dancing?  I'm pretty handy at two-steppin'!

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