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15 May 2012

Moldy Cheese

We've all done it - you have the perfect dish in the making, and all it needs to finish it off is a little bit of cheesy goodness, but when you pull the block or bag of cheese from the fridge, you find the cheese has mold on it!  And the thought goes through your mind, "Can I still use this?  Is it safe to eat?  It's only a little bit of mold..."

Well, next time, keep this in mind:
  • As long as the fuzz is on a block of hard or semihard cheese (think Parmesan or cheddar), you're in the clear.  Just cut off one inch around and below the contaminated area, being careful not to let the knife come into contact with the mold.
  • But, if  you find something furry on grated cheese or any type of soft cheese, toss it.  These types of cheeses can easily become contaminated throughout, making it nearly impossible to remove all the mold.

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