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23 August 2012

A Great Thing About Living In A Small(ish) Town's not the fact that if I don't know what I'm doing, everyone else does.  That's always good times, but it's not the "great thing" to which I'm referring today.

Nope, today I'm referring to the sense of community and the willingness to extend a helping hand that you really only seem to be able to find in small(ish) towns.  For example, this past weekend, a silent auction was held to raise funds for a community member in need of specialized mobility equipment.  And, I got to be a part of it!

My donation to the cause was a basket full of sweet goodies.  Here it is all wrapped up and ready to go.


It included an assortment of yummies.  Everything from sugar cookies (both chocolate and traditional), to cookies and creme popcorn, to cake balls, to pie pops.

Cookies and Creme Popcorn
Yes, those are flamingo cookies!
Pie Pops
Cake Balls
The pie pops were a fun project, though if you attempt them, I would recommend using a filling that doesn't contain whole fruit.  It just works out better that me!

I also made some cake batter sprinkle bark that I had originally planned to include in the basket, but it was melting at room temperature.  Obviously, it didn't make the cut.   


And, full disclosure, it didn't really taste like cake (batter or otherwise), proof positive since my sister commented, "Your chunks of chocolate were tasty."  Good to know it wasn't just me who was less than impressed...  So, no cake batter flavor; back to the drawing board with this one.

Did you realize school is back in session or it will be soon, depending on your locale?  And, that also means school athletics are as well.  I made these cheerleader themed cookies for a local squad that was headed to competition.  (I forgot to take photos before I bagged the cookies.  Slacker, I know.)


Along with the cookies, popcorn, and pie (Oh My! See what I did there?), I've also got a few cakes to share with you.

Oh yes, there's cake...there's always cake.

Like this blinged out, 50th birthday cake.  The logo is edible, but the "bling" and topper are not.


And, this cake that embraces what is probably every hunter's dream shot.


And, this cake for a recently enlisted Marine.


And...(last one, promise) this cake for all of those 4-wheel/ATV enthusiasts out there.  The ATVs were plastic toys, but I bet you'll never guess what the trees were made from.  Give up?  Sugar ice cream cones and grape stems.  Bazinga!


Check back this weekend for the cookies and creme popcorn recipe.  It sounds strange, but is oddly delicious.  And it's SUPER easy to put together.

Talk to you soon!
P.S.  Thanks to MP, Pax, and Kater for shopping for the bling!

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