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25 October 2012

Life, A Condensed Version birds and bees discussion today, sorry kiddos.  We won't be getting that in depth with the explanation of life, the use of "condensed" in the title should have tipped you off to that one.  In fact, we're going to jump right into the middle - after you've found the love of your life, dated, gotten married, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Fast forward a few years - the kids are starting to grow, form opinions of their own and just generally behave like little monsters...


Not that all children do, of course, I just needed a way to tie this cake into the post.  I'm sure there are plenty of ALWAYS wonderfully and perfectly behaved children out there; let me know when you find one that meets the "always" condition. Hehe!

Of course, with the children growing, they start getting involved in a plethora of activities.  Activities that require stuff...lots and lots of stuff.  All of which is usually handed to Mom with a "will you hold this for me" statement.  Leading to the giant purse or tote is strangely similar to Mary Poppins' magic bag.


Which when spilled might reveal everything from a ballet pointe shoe to a "Margarita Madness" punch card.  Don't judge, sometimes mommy needs her "me time."

All that chasing the kids will likely leave you exhausted and ready for some downtime.  Maybe cheering on your favorite team with an icy cold beverage and a slice or two?


Notice, I said "YOUR" favorite team, not mine; that cooler is entirely the wrong color and logo for my tastes, I'd much prefer something in "America's Brightest Orange."

Though, if you're really lucky, you'll be doing all of preceding with your favorite person in the world and in the blink of an eye, you'll be celebrating your 40th wedding anniversary.


Nothing like life-long love!  Did you know rubies are the traditional gift for the 40th Anniversary?  Hence the ruby red roses on the cake.

And, there you have it, one of the hundreds of possible short and sweet condensed versions of life.

Better get to living!

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