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18 October 2012

Pink & Blue & Halloween, Too!

First, the pink:


An adorable baby shower cake to welcome a new baby girl.  I think this may be one of favorite cakes I've done in a while, and I'm not even a huge fan of the color pink!  Everything was edible, even the bow and topper.

And, then on to the blue:


A baptism cake that was designed to match the photo frame party favors; buttercream finished with fondant accents and an edible image.  I apologize for the less than stellar lighting in the photo, but this time it wasn't caused by me being up until 1 AM; this time it was caused by an overcast day, they (referring to the meteorologists) even forecasted rain for us that day.  It didn't happen, but it gave us hope...

Or how about both blue and pink together on the same cake?


I tried a petal icing technique on this cake; it's done using piped buttercream dots, piping one line of dots at a time, then elongating each dot with the tip of a spatula or knife.  A time consuming method and a test of your ability (*cough, cough*) to keep making straight lines and even sized buttercream dots.  But, it does give a fun look and it's something a bit different.  The flowers are simple, stylized versions of anemones.  Oh, and I wouldn't recommend painting/dyeing floral stamens'll end up with more paint/dye on your hands than on the stamens.  Desperate times, people, desperate times.

Now, on to the Halloween goodies!

Cookies for a wedding reception:


Yep, I said wedding reception, and yes, those are black bat cookies.  I didn't get the opportunity to meet the bride and groom, but let me just say...those two may well have been the coolest wedding couple I've worked with.  I know, I know...quick to judge and all, but I was able to see a few photos the reception - the cake was beautiful (purple and black with bats!), the punch bowl was a cauldron, and the floral arrangements were in pumpkins rather than vases...I mean seriously, how cool is that?! 

And, one last set of Halloween cookies:


These were to celebrate October birthdays, so I didn't want to go TOO overboard with the Halloween theme, hence the party hats that were supposed to look similar to candy corn (not sure that was one of my best translated efforts...) and the purple owls.  I couldn't resist using my recently acquired fang cookie cutter though and I just happened to have a few Halloween decos from a recent project so I made sure to add them to the cupcakes.

Talk to you soon!

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