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03 October 2012

Snail's Pace

I only have one cake to share with you today.  *Gasp*  I know, it's quite shocking, but just wait until you see the cake - you'll likely swoon with the sweetness of it.

Here's the topper:


I mean, seriously, how cute is she?!  I modeled her myself from gumpaste. *big smile*  

But, don't let her adorableness fool you.  I came very, very close to chucking her smirking, pink and yellow self across my kitchen.  Don't judge...I had to rebuild her from scratch twice, then about the time I thought I had a successful base, her head (the 2nd attempt) split down the middle requiring a third effort.  The splitting head could have had the perfect horror movie-ish effect, just needed a bit of fake blood really, maybe some brain matter...hmm...oh sorry, I digress, but it is October after all.  I'm in a Halloween frame of mind, sorry.

Anyway, after the headache (get it?) the main body gave me, I figured it'd be smooth sailing from there.  Wrong!  Turns out sculpting a snail's shell that doesn't look deformed is not an easy task.  Fast forward an hour and 30 minutes later and I was finally successful!


Viola!  Complete and utter cuteness.

Bonus points if you can name what line of toys the snail is modeled from.

Talk to you soon!

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