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09 October 2012

Slow Cooker Liners

We had our first could snap here last weekend! Yay!  I, of course, immediately dug out the crock pot and made soup...I'm looking forward to colder weather, can you tell?  The point of that little story, is to introduce you to these babies:

Yep, slow cooker liners.  They are exactly what you think they are - nifty drop-in (for lack of a better word) bags that keep your slow cooker considerably cleaner than going without.  Remember the last time you cooked your favorite crock pot meal and then had to soak the cooker insert and scrub off all the baked on residue?  These will help you save all that elbow grease and time!  You can spend that time and energy doing something you actually want to do - maybe eat dessert, catch up on an episode or two of your favorite new show...

*No compensation was given for my good words; just a product that I love and wanted to share!

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