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22 March 2013

Fresh Friday Vol. 2

Real Food Runner
I'm linking up with Katherine over at the Real Food Runner Blog again today!  Here's my three things for this week:
  1. Celebrating Saint Patty's Day with friends.  Complete with green mustaches, Irish Sunrises, and a few broken dishes.
  2. Exploring the world of allergen free cookies - not just dairy free, but also soy free and nut free.  In one cookie.  A challenge?  Yes.  Am I up for it?  You bet!
  3. $40 pies.  I'll go into the saga in a later post, but sometimes in order to make a birthday the best it can be, you just have to go to great lengths.  Even if the end result was less than beautiful...
What made your week great?  Or different?  Or exciting?  Feel free to share!
Talk to you soon!

1 comment:

  1. Hey girl- Sounds like you had a fabulous FRESH & FANTASTIC week!!!!

    Can I come over for some of that pie?!!! :)