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28 March 2013

Part of Your World

Assignment:  design a little mermaid themed cake for a client who is turning 30.
Challenge:  do so without it looking like a child's birthday cake.
Result:  an "under the sea" theme cake with nods to the mermaid.


The shells and seahorses were made from white candy melts, while the coral was buttercream piped with different tips to give a variety of textures.  Oh, and though you can't see them, prince charming and his loyal sheepdog are present as well - just off to the right of phrase on the lower tier.

Though if mermaids or the sea aren't your cup of tea, there's always this toolbox cake:


Complete with sugar cookie tools.  With this cake, you can have your cake, marshmallow treats, and sugar cookies, too!  And, who knows, you might just get the urge to tackle your "honey do list" or some other fix-it project you've been putting off.


I'd recommend finding some heavier duty tools beforehand though.  These taste great, but aren't so perfectly suited for real-world application.

Course, if you'd rather do away with all the decoration and just get in touch with your inner chocolate lover, this cake is always an option - three layers of chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream and finished in the same.  


I'd suggest a glass of cold milk to accompany.  Anyone in the mood for a late night snack?

Talk to you soon!
P.S.  Don't you just love the plate the chocolate cake is on?  What you can see of it in the photo, at least?  It belongs to the client I created the cake for - the pattern was beautiful!  Had a very vintage feel to it!

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