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21 March 2014

All Aboard

The train has left the station.


Which train?  The tourney train, of course.  Games are in full swing and, boy, is it turning out to be a wild ride...and it's only the first round!  Admit it, you're either watching or following scores.  It's okay, we all do it.

So, did you spend a wee bit of time picking your bracket(s)?  Did you agonize over and then second-guess your picks?  Did you stay true to your favorites?  Or did you choose by school mascot?  School colors?

And, are you now watching your bracket(s) crumble like an ill-constructed Lego structure?


If so, welcome to the club.  You're in good company here.

They call it madness for a reason, though.  After all, there are always a few Cinderellas looking to really make waves and reach the crown.


And, then there are the diamonds, the "sure things" that turn out to be not so sure.  (See the diamonds on the cake?  They aren't edible, and no, UCO isn't in the tourney.  Moving on.)


Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go check scores and update my bracket.  See how many more mini heart attacks I can have due to overtime play and buzzer beating shots.

Do you think the number of coronaries increases in March?  I think it's entirely possible.

Talk to you soon!

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