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12 March 2014

Thunder Up

Oh, yes, it's basketball season.  And, you know what that means?  In just a few short days, millions of us will spend hours attempting to pick the perfect billion dollar bracket, productivity in offices throughout the country will drop significantly, and we will all, for a few days anyway, live and breathe college basketball - even if "our" team isn't in the game.

It's madness for a reason, my friends.  And, yes, I will be participating.

Until the madness commences though, how about a cake homage to my home state's NBA team to tide you over?


The design was loosely based on one of Kevin Durant's past birthday cakes - though obviously the birthday girl who received this cake prefers Westbrook...  Thunder Up!

If basketball isn't your thing (gasp! what?!), then how about some cookies that are pretty in pink to celebrate a 40th wedding anniversary?


Bonus if you know what color represents the 40th wedding anniversary; hint - look at the color scheme on the cookies.

Answer:  ruby red.

Or, if that isn't quite enough pink for you, there's always this princess option.


Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go do some research on bracket odds, team colors, mascots - have to get my strategy planned early.

Talk to you soon!
P.S. Don't feel bad if basketball isn't your "thing."  I'm honestly more of a football fan myself, except for when it comes to March and all it's madness.  Oh, and when OSU is playing, of course.

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