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06 March 2014

The Question Every Baker Asks at Least Once

"Do I not own enough sheet pans?"

I found myself asking this question last weekend, while I was working on another round of logo cookies - this time for BPA (Business Professionals of America).  The order was only for 15 dozen, so I'm sure you are wondering why I would be fretting over sheet pan space when I easily make 30 + dozen sugar cookies at Christmas.  The easy answer?  I only decorate 5 to 6 dozen at a time at Christmas.

I bet you're wondering just how many sheet pans I do own, well, let's see - I utilized every single one I have for this project, so let's do the math...


There was the giant (i.e. full size) 18" x 26" pan that usually covers the stove top, 10 half sheet pans, 6 quarter sheet pans, and the one random, not even sure where it came from, sheet pan that doesn't match any of the rest and isn't a standard size.  Total - 18 sheet pans.  You would think that would be sufficient, but then again, it does give me a reason to buy additional ones.  And, who doesn't love new bake ware?!

Here's a better shot of the cookies:


Yes, those are edible images.  I hope they still look this good after being frozen and defrosted; turns out the conference they were ordered for was postponed due to the crazy Oklahoma weather.  Is it spring yet?

There was also this simple German chocolate birthday cake this week for A's Grandma's 81st birthday.


And, these upside down cake pops.  Are they still considered "pops" if they are inverted?  Maybe so since they are on a stick?  One of those great baking mysteries, I suppose, though if you know the answer definitively, let me know so I don't stay up at night pondering it.


The time changes this weekend - back to Daylight Savings.  Yay!  A sure sign that spring and summer are just around the corner.  Don't forget to set your clocks on Saturday or Sunday.

Talk to you soon!

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