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04 April 2014

Feeling Super!

Faster than a speeding bullet.  More powerful than a locomotive.  Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.


Near limitless superhuman strength.  Great invulnerability.


Ha.  Not really.  But wouldn't it be nice?  The truth is if I'm anything "super," it's probably more along the lines of "super behind schedule" and "super tired."

C'est la vie though!  Sometimes you just have to keep swimming...


It would be nice to go chasing rainbows...but that would require rain, which seems to be a long lost weather phenomenon around these parts.


Or maybe take some time to shoot a couple of rounds.  Golf, not guns, in this case.  Have you seen the price of ammo lately?!


With the arrival of spring, maybe even go picking daises.  Just look out for the bees; the ladybugs are harmless.



Did you know some cultures consider ladybugs good luck?  If not, you just learned something new today, yay!

Talk to you soon!


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