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27 May 2014

Cheese Please

The variety of cheeses offered in most supermarkets can be overwhelming, but don't be afraid to give them a try.  A few tips to get you started:
  • Buy blocks of blue or feta cheese rather than the prepackaged stuff.  You can crumble it yourself with almost no effort, it's cheaper, and it tastes much better.
  • If you feel like exploring a new cheese, try selecting one that looks similar to one you know you like.  For example, if you like Brie, try another soft cheese with a white rind.
  • If fresh mozzarella is available, don't pass it up.  The most authentic is packed in water, but if that's not available, go for mozzarella balls wrapped in plastic.
How to store your cheese once you get it home?  Ideally, wrapped in parchment, then plastic, but who has time for that?  Just place it in a small resealable plastic bag, squeeze out the air, and store in the in crisper drawer.


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