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07 May 2014


It's the spice of life.  At least that's what they always say.  Whose "they" anyone?  Not that I disagree with them, but sometimes it's nice to know who is giving you advice...

And exactly what type of spice is it, anyway?

But, I digress.  I have a variety of goodies today - everything from cupcakes to pretzel rods and more in between.

Cupcakes, in the mini variety:


Cupcakes, in the regular variety, and inspired by Frozen:


Cake balls - above (with the cupcakes) and below:


Rockin' sugar cookies (side note - guitar cookies do not survive shipping well):


SPRINKLES! On sugar cookies:


Shortbread bars - simple, classic, delicious:


Cake, 1st birthday:


Cake, 1st Communion:


And...pretzel rods, dipped in chocolate!


This concludes today's variety show.  Ooo, and guess what?  I've now managed to get all the creations from April posted.  Promise me you won't judge if I don't post any of the May cakes until the last week of this month?  It's graduation season...if you could see my calendar, you'd swear I was crazy.

Maybe I am just a little bit.  Either that or a glutton for punishment.  Hmm...maybe a bit of both.  Anywho.

Talk to you soon!

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