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22 July 2014

Young and Old

Er...older.  That's what I meant.  Not old.  Old is just an opinion; age is just a number.  Live as young as you can handle and can get away with!

Though I don't think I'd want to go back to being 1 again...didn't get much say in anything at that age.


Age 3?  Still, not a whole lot of choice on most things.  But, hey, superheroes actually existed in thine eyes. And, let's be honest, some days now days I think I'd gladly let someone else make the decisions for me.  Oh, and let's not forget - a green lantern Halloween treat bucket that lights up.  How cool is that?!


4 years old?  Hmm...I do wish I could go back and cash in all those naps I didn't want to take at that age.  I should have been able to stockpile them for use as an adult...these days I do love me a good nap.  *sigh* How things change.


9?  Looking back this is a pretty good age - minimal responsibility, maximum fun. (Didn't realize how good I had it at the time, of course.  I was an overworked, slave-driven child.  Weren't you, too?)  Though it is still an age when there's the concern about monsters - under the bed, in the closet.  Of course, I didn't worry about monsters under my bed at that age, there was too much other stuff under there, no way one would have fit!


Course, as you get older, you do have things to look forward to.  Like changing careers, moving to new exciting places, making new friends.  (These cuppies were for a going-away party, just FYI.)


Retirement.  Assuming you've planned well and can afford to (money tip of the day - go start planning for retirement!).  Do they still give gold watches?  Did they ever give gold watches?  Or was that just a movie thing?


And, eventually, if you're really a tough one and you have fantastic friends with a great sense of humor - you might get a birthday cake like this:


Complete with dirt and worms cupcakes.  Yep, those childhood classics; re-enactments of How to Eat Fried Worms scenes coming to mind?  Or was that just something my sisters and I did as kids?


See, it really does come full circle.  Who says you have to always act like an adult just because your "grown-up?"

Hmm...wonder if I can find a recipe for a "Whizband Worm Delight?"  Then I'll just have to find someone to bet; still a better deal than 15 worms in 15 days...

Talk to you soon!
*If you have no idea what I'm referring to regarding the worms, I urge you to go pick up the book and give it a read.  I bet your library has a copy.  Yes, libraries still exist.  Or, you can purchase a copy.  But, whatever you do, don't opt for the movie, the book is better.  Never judge a book by its movie!  One other tidbit about How to Eat Fried Worms - it was once (maybe still is?) a banned book.  All the more reason to go read it!

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