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01 July 2014

Fresh Pick: Cantaloupe

Cantaloupes are in season!  (June through September, just FYI.)  Here's a few tips to help you pick a good one:
  1. Look at the color:  cantaloupes should be a light yellow/cream color under the netting; not green.  If it's still green, put it back.
  2. Soft-ish stem end:  the spot where the vine was attached should yield slightly under pressure.  You don't want it to be too hard or too soft - middle ground is what we are shooting for, if it's too hard or soft, put it back.
  3. Smell:  the fruit should have a slightly sweet/musky smell.  If it's an overwhelming scent it may be overripe, put it back.
  4. Size/weight:  we've all heard this one, but the melon should be heavy for it's size and free of bruises and soft spots.  If it's bruised up or seems like a lightweight, put it back.
Happy picking!


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