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23 June 2015

Clean Burners

If you have a gas range, you probably dread having to clean the burner grates - scrubbing off the black grime plus the possible cooked on food bits.  Well, next time don't spend hours scrubbing, try this instead:
  • Place grate in a large Ziploc (or similar) bag.  Add 1/4 cup ammonia.  Seal bag.  Allow to sit overnight.  Remove from bag and wipe grate with a damp sponge.  Voila!  Clean burner grates.
  • You can wash the grates with soap and water after removing from the bags, if you'd like.
  • I usually place one grate per bag and then place the sealed bag (with the grate inside) on a cookie sheet, just in case of leaks.
  • Remember to do this in a well-ventilated area since you'll be working with ammonia!

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