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04 June 2015

The Calm - Proverbially Anyway

Or in other terms, the first two weeks of May.

May is just a busy, busy month; I usually create more cakes during the month of May than I do just about any other month of the year.  And definitely more than June, June is "break" time - I slack for a week or so as my reward for surviving 31 days of non stop cake.  It's good for my sanity; don't judge.

Bet you're wondering about the "proverbially anyway" addendum to the title up there.  Well...that's because the first two weeks of May weren't really all that calm, but they were a bit lighter on workload...only 11 orders in 9 days (technically it wasn't even a full 2 weeks!).  There's a reason why I own several VERY large coffee mugs...

On to the cakes!


Textured white for a bachelorette party (I heard there was a sparkly "Bride to Be" topper that would be going atop the cake) and sparkly cake balls.


Red, brown, and white cake balls.


A pirate themed birthday cake - complete with pirates treasure and ship sails.


The ship sail that top the cake were not edible - they were made from muslin fabric and wooden skewers.  The fabric started out white - I used strong brewed tea to give them a weathered brown color.

A cow spotted cake - the client added some themed character toppers to the cake before the party.  And, yes, I have forgotten who the characters were; not ones I was terribly familiar, just use your imagination and substitute a suitable persona in your mind's eye.


A basic chocolate cake.  Because who doesn't love chocolate?!


Who live in a pineapple under the sea?  Spongebob Squarepants, who on this cake is not edible, nor is the aforementioned pineapple.


More cake balls!  This time for a 60th birthday road trip; there was another dozen that spelled out "Happy 60th!"


A Mrs. Mouse themed birthday cake complete with customized ears!


And, last for today, my nephew in law's birthday cake!  I got to do pretty much anything I wanted with this one as long as it encompassed politics, OSU, and Oklahoma.  A tough combination, but I think I did suitably well...


If you can't read the wording on the cake board, it says "Sorry the Democrats took the rest of your cake..."

Talk to you soon!

P.S.  If you were keeping count, yes there are only 10 photos in this post, although I said I had 11 orders.  I didn't take photos of the crinkle cookies, slacker that I am.'ve seen photos of them (or at least what they look like) before!  They were red velvet and french vanilla, so that makes 11.

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