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17 June 2015

I Think We're Going Under

Ok, so that is probably an overstatement (in fact, I know it's an overstatement at this point), but I wasn't so sure during the last two weeks of May.  I wasn't sure that I would get everything accomplished and delivered.

Not that that's necessarily anything new for May - seems I've traveled with road before.  But, this year, there was the added difficulty of traversing muddy roads...with large cakes...that then had to be unloaded in the rain.

Rain + cake = not so good.

I'm not sure which is worse - rain, mud, or heat.  Winter is really the best time to deliver cakes - though then there's ice to be considered.  Always something!

Anywho, happy to report all of the cakes below made it to their destinations on time and intact.  Yay!


High school and college aren't the only graduations to be considered...there's also "pre-k," 8th grade promotions, and probably many others.  Any reason to celebrate!


Not a graduation cake, but a birthday cake instead - pretty in pink this one was.


Another birthday cake - I wanted to ask if the birthday boy walked to the beat of his own drummer. *wink, wink*  Yes, that's a drum cake, no the drumsticks are not edible.


Cake pops for another birthday boy.  The white and green pops had a surprise inside - cake was dyed green!



Cupcakes and lemon meringue cookies for birthday celebrations at a local business.  The meringue cookies did NOT like the rain.  Humidity + meringue = sticky, not dry and crisp as they should be.


60th wedding anniversary cookies.  60 years is a long time to "put up" with someone - must be love!


A birthday cake I had pretty much free rein on when it came to the design - just had to be sure to get the name spelled correctly and the right age.  (Don't scoff, much as I hate to admit it, I have misspelled names and gotten ages incorrect.  Sad days those were/are...)

I bet you're wondering where the graduation cakes are...well, ask and you shall receive.


OPSU softball graduate...


Cake and cupcakes for a Hugoton graduate.  Hugoton's colors are red, white, and blue - she opted to go with her college choice colors.  Can you guess where she'll be attending?


Speaking of Hugoton graduates...


Kellen got lucky and got a Hugoton Eagles cake and one that represented his college choice.  Oh, and he got cookies too!


And, now...drum roll, please!  The GHS graduation cakes!


The sheet music pieces on the bottom tier are the graduation march and "Happy Birthday" song - this cake did double duty.


I had a lot of free rein with this design as well - just had to keep it black, orange, and white.


This cake was a fun, unexpected design...though the black fondant stripes didn't like the humidity.  They were definitely a challenge to get applied to the cake!

These cupcakes were for two different young ladies who were graduating from GHS, but didn't want to go with college or high school colors - they when with colors they loved.  In one case, pink and black...


And, in the other, pink, lime green, teal, and gray.


Ironically, both the graduates planned to display the cupcakes in a "2015" pattern.  Tasty tidbit - a number made from cupcakes that will fit a 9x13 board takes 2 dozen cupcakes.

Oh, have you been watching the finals?  I admit I haven't been keeping up much, my home state team isn't in this year, but the Warriors are putting on a good show (what I've seen anyway).


Anywho, I need coffee - that was a long post and I'm still trying to recuperate and catch up on sleep.  Talk to you soon!

P.S.  The college selection I asked about earlier was K-State.  Did you get it correct?

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