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06 July 2011

Rockets Red Glare

No cakes this past week...I took a little time off to enjoy myself.  Well, actually I spent most of the cake free days catching up on my to-do lists.  Amazing how everything piles up when you've got cake on the brain 24-7...

I did crank out some good looking cookies (if I do say so myself) and some fun dishes for our firework free Fourth of July celebration though.  After all, I wouldn't want to disappoint you by not having a few goodies for you to salivate and ooh and aah over this week. Hehe!  (And, no, we aren't firework averse in my neck of the woods.  We've just been experiencing one of the worst droughts on record.  All prayers for rain are greatly appreciated!)

As an extra bit of fun today, see if you can guess what the title of this post and the goodies pictured below all have in common.  Answer will be revealed at the end!

Here's the sugar cookies.  I've titled the middle one the "watermelon wedding" cookie...sort of like the modern design among the more traditional ones flanking it...


And the beverage I made for the family on Monday - pomegranate-cranberry limeade sparklers.  It's a super simple drink to make and it can be adjusted to suit just about any one's palate; I like to make mine on the tarter side.  You can find the recipe here if you want to give it a try yourself.


And I know I said I didn't make any cakes this past week...but, truth be told, I did.  But, in my defense, I had very valid reasons for not staying cake free for even one week.  Those reasons were:  a new cake pop making tool that I couldn't wait to try.  (The test run was a little shaky, definitely need to do some work on the process, but no one had any complaints on the taste, even if the appearance was a little rough!)  Yes...I did make them red and white with blue sprinkles.  I was in the holiday mood!


And the other reason(s)?  Because I wanted to try out a new recipe AND I needed a dessert to take to the family get-together.  Turns out K and I got more than I bargained for with the red velvet crepe cakes...they weren't terribly hard to cook up (no baking involved), but the stacking, icing, and time involved were an undertaking.  We ended up with 2 versions:


The un-iced version.  Looks a lot like a stack of pancakes, albeit red ones.  I even added a pat of cream cheese "butter" and some cream cheese "syrup" to increase the illusion.


And...the iced version. Yes, I know it's crooked - icing a leaning tower of crepes is not easy!  It reminds me a tad of the Pac-Man albino one perhaps.  But, just wait until you see the interior of the cake!


Yep, that's 24, count 'em, 24 layers of red velvet and cream cheese frosting goodness.  Isn't it fabulous! And who would suspect that under that unassuming layer of frosting would lay this loveliness?  Guess it's really is on the inside!

Catch you later, alligators!
P.S.  Did you figure out what everything in the post had in common?  If you guessed the color red, you are correct!  Congrats!  (The watermelon wedding cookies are a shade on the pink side, but watermelon is considered red so...)

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