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24 January 2012

A Sticky Subject

Dread having to scoop sticky ingredients (i.e. honey, molasses, marshmallow creme, etc) out of a jar?  Or having to measure them?  Here's a couple of tips to help ease the pain:
  • If you will use the entire jar or container, rub some shortening or oil onto the spoon/knife/spatula you'll be using to scoop the ingredient.  It will keep the substance from sticking as quickly to the utensil, making it easier to empty the container.  (Only use this method if you're using the entire package, the shortening/oil will contaminate any leftovers!)  You can use this tip to help remove the ingredient from measuring cups as well.
  • If your recipe calls for a grease based ingredient (shortening, oil, butter), measure it first, then use the same cup without washing it to measure the sticky one.
  • Line a measuring cup with a piece of plastic wrap, making sure it overhangs the cup by a couple of inches.  This will allow you to measure the ingredient without making a mess of the measuring cup - simply pick the plastic wrap up by the corners and add the ingredient to the mixing bowl.

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