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23 January 2012

Magnolias & A Monkey Mimeo

There are cookies in the oven, so I only have a few minutes, but I couldn't continue putting off sharing some of the latest sugary goodness from my kitchen.  So, let's go!

When I received the call about this wedding cake I was still basking in the completion of the holiday season.  (Truthfully, I was in a bit of a vegetative state...nothing like a wedding cake order to snap you out of that!)  I couldn't turn the order down though and welcomed the challenge - luckily, I had a few magnolias already on-hand and the cake didn't have to be very large.


It was classic white cake with vanilla buttercream.  The piping was done in buttercream by hand and the magnolias were made from gumpaste.

These two cakes were for the same birthday, and I had free reign for the designs.  I wanted to create something in a black and white palette with just a pop of color.


Both cakes were covered in buttercream with fondant accents and ribbon roses.  The buttercream on the black cake started out brown (it was chocolate, yum!), but I needed it to be rather than dye the icing, I opted to airbrush the cake.  Doing so prevented the icing from tasting bitter because of all the black food dye that would have been required to get it nice and dark, and it gave me a reason to get out my airbrush! Hehe!

Some of you may remember this cake I made awhile back;  I was asked to create a similar cake with just a few changes in the design.  I found doing so to be almost as difficult as creating a design from scratch; after all, I had to try to remember all the techniques, colors, and designs I used in the original!  Luckily, I keep a few notes on each cake I make, so I had something other than photos to jog my memory.


I was, admittedly, worried about achieving the right color of pink to add to the cake; I wasn't sure how well it would tie in with the orange, but the end result was a nice one.  The monkey was a bigger version of the original - I had a horrible time getting the gumpaste to not "slump" while drying, hence, the reason she appears to be leaning back slightly.  Next time, I'll add a bit more tylose, and hopefully, the problem won't reappear!


My cookie decorating skills are improving!  (And my cookie cutter collection continues to grow, I'm going to have find a new way to store them all and soon.  *sigh*  A bigger kitchen?  Maybe in my dreams...)  I know I said I didn't want to see another sugar cookie for weeks after Christmas, but these were quite fun to make...I particularly like the cupcakes!

And, last, but not least...the nacho cheesecake!

P1200382_cew is a cheesecake, and all the toppings are sweet, sugar-laden goodness!  This is one of those projects I didn't intend to have on my calendar, but I couldn't resist making it.  (And with my slimmer cake schedule, I actually had time to!)  I even made dinner for the whole family just so I could make dessert - they didn't seem to mind though.  This would make a fun game day food, so I'll share the how-to with you, so you can make your own.  Be sure to keep an eye out for it later this week!


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