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30 January 2013

Introducing Hooty

No..not that Hooty.  (It's spelled differently - Hooty rather than Hootie.)  No, this Hooty is an owl!

Hooty the Owl

And a rather cute one, if I do say so myself.  Hooty was part of this groovy cake:


The tie-dye effect on the buttercream was easier to achieve than I expected.  I piped on blobs (really professional word usage there, I know) of green and blue frosting then smoothed it with an offset spatula and bench scraper.  Viola!  Tie-dyed cake!

Hooty isn't the only thing I've been creating lately though.  There's been this motorcycle themed cake:


Several princess themed confections...cupcakes, a crown and carriage cake, and a long-haired girl trapped in her tower cake (fairy tale reference - can you guess who?).


Yes, the toppers on the cupcakes were pre-made, but I was pressed for time and they were a perfect complement to the theme.  Don't judge.



The cakes were finished in buttercream with fondant decorations.  The cupcakes and both cakes traveled to south Texas...but not with me.  I know they arrived in one piece because I've seen photos, but travelling cakes are always stressful; nothing like adding a bit of additional worry!

And, last but not least, this week, several dozen cupcakes for a local P.E.O. group.


I had ordered fancy scalloped liners to bake the cupcakes in, but with the reliability of our post, they of course didn't arrive in time.  Luckily, the design didn't hinge on the liners; the group's flower is a Marguerite, so the cupcakes were styled to look like the flower (white icing with yellow centers).  The "PEO" toppers were piped from white chocolate then airbrushed with just a hint of gold sheen.  They weren't exactly what I envisioned, but they still looked beautiful.  Improvisation - sometimes it's necessary.

Talk to you soon!

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