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09 April 2013

Asparagus Aficionado

It's asparagus season!  You can typically find asparagus year round, but the freshest stalks are usually available February through June; the actual time may vary a bit depending on your location, but don't hesitate to take advantage of this delicious veggie.  Some tips to help you tackle these stalks:
  • Buy firm spears with tightly closed tips and no wrinkles.  Size doesn't necessarily matter - thinner spears are not always more tender than thicker spears.
  • Store asparagus bunches in the refrigerator for up to four days - simply wrap the bottoms of the spears in a damp paper towel and place in an unsealed plastic bag.
  • The bottoms of the stalks tend to be very "woody," i.e. tough and stringy.  You can either trim the bottom of the spears with a knife or snap the ends off - the asparagus will naturally break where the spear starts to become "woody."
And, did you know - asparagus comes in other colors besides just green.  The white asparagus is milder and softer, while the purple asparagus is slightly sweeter.


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