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25 April 2013

Let's Play Catch-Up

It's me!  I'm still alive and kicking.  Waayyy behind on posting my latest cakes and cookies, but on the upside, I've been enjoying our roller coaster weather (i.e. what passes for spring in these parts).  We went from 80 degrees and windy to 30 degrees, windy, with ice and snow, then back to 65 degrees and calm...all in 3 days.  I've used a week's worth of running gear in 2 days; everything from tights to shorts to sweatshirts to gloves to sleeveless tees.  Soon, though, we'll be 100°F with sauna-like winds, so I won't complain too much right now.

Anywho, about have you been?  Would you like to see the goodies I've been creating lately?  I've got everything from cakes to cookies to the desserts I made for myself for my birthday.  And, no that last part is not as sad as it sounds.  Let's take a looksie, shall we?

First up, the cookies!



Can you tell I'm feeling the season change?  It's crossing over to my cookie decorating!  Flowers, ducks, butterflies...oh my!

I made cake pops for the first time in what seems like ages.  Along with some cute monkey sugar cookies.  All for an "It's a Boy!" baby shower.


If the monkeys aren't cute enough for you, how about reliving some of your childhood via this cake?  Honestly, are there those of you out there who didn't love this hatted cat and his antics?


Green seems to be the color of choice for cakes lately - everything from lime green to a pale spring green.



And, last, but not least, my birthday desserts!  Not cake though, and not just one dessert, but two!

Thin mint cheesecake pie.  Thin mints.  Cheesecake.  And, it's no bake.  Mmm...mmm...good!


Chocolate pizza.  Marshmallow krispy treat crust.  Chocolate sauce.  Caramel.  White chocolate.  Dark chocolate.  Graham crackers.  I might have gone a little crazy, but everyone seemed to love it...the nieces and nephews thought it was especially cool.


And, yes, while I did make my own birthday desserts, Madre made me an amazing lunch of stacks.  What are stacks?  Tostada shells topped with homemade chili and taco fixings (i.e. sour cream, cheese, lettuce, guacamole), stacked as many high as you would like.  I stick with a short stack - only two shells at a time, but some get ambitious and go for 3 or 4 shells.  Delicious!

Talk to you soon!

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