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26 June 2013

I've Been Everywhere...

Except for at home.  Or so it seems when it comes to the weekends this past month.  I think I've stayed close to my home base only one weekend so far and that was back at the first the month.  I haven't gone farther than the tri-state area, but still...

All my traveling has led to lots of procrastinating.  Or maybe it's just flat out lack of available hours to take care of the things that need to be done, but haven't reached the top of the list?  Hmm...think I may be on to something; after all, "I ran out of time" sounds better than "I procrastinated."

Short list of some of the things I need to get done, but haven't yet:
  • Posting cakes to the blog.  I haven't posted ANY of the June goodies yet!
  • Laundry.  Seriously, this situation has reached def-con 4.  I no longer have a single pair of clean running socks in my house, and I own about 14 pairs of the things.  I either need to do laundry or buy more socks.
  • Lawn care.  It finally rained here.  Which is great, but it also means I now need to mow and weed-eat my lawn (i.e. the weeds because I kinda gave up on the grass around about year 2 of the drought, don't judge)
I do plan to remedy the lawn situation this weekend, assuming I can get the mower to start, and the mountain of laundry will hopefully be chipped away at starting later tonight.  The posting issue, well, I plan to resolve it right now.  What do you say - help me mark an item off my list, eh?

I'll keep the descriptions/details short, since there's plenty to share with just the photos alone.  Don't necessarily want to turn this into a novel, since I do, after all, want you to come back to visit again!

A retirement cake for a avid outdoorsman:


Mini cupcakes for a wedding shower:


A birthday cake for a sweet lady celebrating her 99th year:


A birthday cake for a newly minted quadragenarian:


Birthday cupcakes for a sweet sixteen:


A birthday cake for a fabulous five-year-old fan:


A wedding cake* for two of my dear friends:


The groom's cakes* for the same wedding:


Cupcakes for a baby shower:


And, last, but not least, a 75th birthday cake:


Boom!  I'm officially caught-up with posting cakes to the blog now.  Yay!  Thanks for sticking it out with me.  I suppose I should go sort laundry now...*sigh*

Talk to you soon!
*Just one more photo and a tidbit about the wedding/groom's cakes from above.  The tidbit - the cakes traveled to OKC, which is why the buttercream on the wedding cake cracked and the fondant on the bottle caps was sweating like a sinner in church.  Turns out the rough roads and change in humidity didn't play well.  If you ever want to discover just how rough a road really is, try driving it with cakes along for the ride.  You'll notice every bump, pothole, and ridge in the road - trust me.  And the photo - 


I know - you're thinking "it's just the same cake," and it is, but I wanted to draw your attention to the item it's sitting on.  I may have drooled a bit and fallen in love with that mirror.  It was gorgeous.  And, I'll admit, if I could have gotten it loaded in the suburban it might have come home with me.  Not really, but it was a fabulous piece, that really made the cake look even better!

Ok, signing off again.  Bye!

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