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01 June 2013

The "Others"

If you've been following the blog the last couple of days, you're probably beginning to wonder just what all these "other" cakes and confections are that I've been referring to lately.  Well, today, the mystery will be solved.  It's going to be a rather long post today, so buckle up.

Don't think I'm discounting these cakes and such as less than important by referring to them as the "others" because I'm not.  In fact, I had quite a bit of out-of-the-ordingary fun with the creation of some of these.

Like this tie-dyed cake.  And, yes, it's buttercream.  I was afraid the colors would start to muddle and turn a less than appealing grayish brown, but surprisingly they didn't.  The gasp of surprise when the birthday girl saw the cake was, pardon the pun, the icing on the cake.


This cake was ordered with just a plain blue buttercream base so that the birthday boys could add their own decorations.  From what I gathered, the decos included a Millennium Falcon and stars.  I hope they had fun putting their own spin on it; they were certainly excited when I delivered the cake to their house.  I didn't get to see the finished product, but I'm sure it turned out fabulously!


Do you know what group's logo is a red fleur de lis with a blue eagle overlaid?  I didn't until I made these cupcakes to celebrate the client's son's newly achieved rank of Eagle Scout.  I decided to use elements of the logo and stick with the red and blue color scheme.  The cupcakes were three different flavors, so each flavor had a different topper and a different patterned liner.


Speaking of cupcakes, I made 8 dozen mini cuppies for a miniature golf course opening in Colorado.  The grass printed liners were the perfect choice considering the event.


Decorating cakes for men always seems especially difficult for me, but in this instance it wasn't too bad.  Just a simple white cake with "Happy Birthday, Monte!" in either blue or green.  Exactly what the client ordered and simple enough to pull together.


On the other hand, decorating a cake for a woman comes easily enough.  Even if the client doesn't have a specific design in mind, I can always go with cheery colors and a floral theme.  The client did have idea for this cake, it just happened to be cheery colors, flowers, and gift tags.  I tried out a new style of piped border on this cake, too.  I thought it gave a nice, different look to the edges, but it uses A LOT of icing...


I had tons of fun creating this next cake and the matching cupcakes.  They were inspired by everyone's favorite mischievous cat and his famous hat.



And, last, but not least, these summer themed sugar cookies.  Makes me want to put my bum in the sand and my toes in the water.


That's it!  I'm officially caught up with posting my creations to the blog...yay!  Now, go enjoy your weekend. It may not be summer officially yet, but you can still start living like it is.  I think I'll go squeeze in my 7-miler before it heats up too much!

Talk to you soon!


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