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05 December 2013

November in a Nutshell

Well, the last two weeks of November anyway.  It's the holidays, plus I'm still enjoying football season, so the blog receives posts somewhat sporadically.  It's all about priorities, right?

Speaking of priorities...whose going to be at the Bedlam game this weekend, freezing your tail off along with the rest of us, and cheering the Cowboys on to a win??  Oh yes, I'll be there.  Though you might not recognize me because I plan to be bundled in layer upon layer of clothing.  I'm not out to make a fashion statement, no sir; I plan to be as warm as possible.

Anywho, on to the goodies!

A pretty purple inscribed birthday cake:


A softball themed birthday cake: (Yes, the icing was the bright "softball" yellow, it just didn't photograph well.  Boo!)


A princess themed birthday cake.  There is a large open area above the inscription because the client was going to place Disney Princess toppers/toys on the cake after the delivery.


Peanut butter chocolate swirl blondies - one of the desserts I took to the Baylor game "tailgate."


Cherry almond bars - the other dessert I took to the Baylor game "tailgate."  My sister suggested these would also make a good, albeit sweet, breakfast.


Thanksgiving sugar cookies!  In case you're wondering, yes, the Christmas version sugar cookies have already begun invading my kitchen. *sigh* 'Tis the season.


I couldn't resist creating some owl cookies, too.  Owls seem to be all the rage these days; they are definitely enjoying a moment in the spotlight.


And, just in case you don't like traditional pumpkin pie, how about a pumpkin pie sugar cookie?


A Thanksgiving themed cake, because maybe pie and/or cookies aren't really your thing. (I'm not sure how that would be possible, but perhaps it is.)


A simple gold and green birthday cake.


Birthday cake for one of my niece's - she was insistent on a princess theme with a crown she could wear, hence the toy toppers.


A shoe and purse themed birthday cake.


And, last, but not least, a cowboy/western themed anniversary cake.  The only request?  A cowgirl lassoing a cowboy; looks like she must have caught a good one since it was their 6th anniversary.


Well, that's that for the November cakes.  See I told you it'd be in a "nutshell."  Now, if you'll excuse me I need to go start finding and packing game gear; you know - hat, gloves, hand warmers, a couple of pairs of socks, fleece lined boots, scarf, overalls...well, the list goes on.

Stay warm, my friends.  And...Go Pokes!

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