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23 January 2014


Go ahead...look up the definition.  I'll wait here.  Yes, you can Google it - does anyone even still own an actual dictionary?  AND know how to use it?

Truth:  Yes and yes to both of those in my case.

Anywho, moving on.  Did you find the definition?  Good.  Then you now know that we will be covering a nice mish-mash of things today.  Let's get to it, shall we?



In this case, red velvet with cream cheese.  And, yes, this is one of those late night photos - except it wasn't all that late.  I'll be happy when the time changes.

Italian Cream Cake.  You know - coconut, pecans, cream cheese...


I've added this cake to my list of flavor options.  Yay!

A bulldog themed birthday cake, in this case, an ode to Georgia.


Go Dawgs!

Rainbows and pretty ponies.  Except the ponies are missing in this photo; the client added them after delivery.


Simple daisies and greenery.  Makes you long for springtime, doesn't it?  Especially considering most of the USA is currently in the deep freeze.


Guess what?  Sugared was featured on Mrs. Cavin's blog today!  Yes, she's my niece, but no, I didn't ask her to plug my cakes.  It was a complete surprise and gave me the warm fuzzies.  I enjoy reading her should check it out too!  Just click HERE.  You'll find some good stuff - recipes, encouraging words, etc.

Talk to you soon!

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