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30 January 2014

Deja Who?

Deja what?

Deja vu.  That's who and what.


If you're a follower of the blog, you may be thinking you've seen this cake before.  And you'd be somewhat correct; I did a similar design a few months back.  (Evidence here.)  I did change it up a  wee bit, but it's still essentially the same design, which leaves me a little torn.  On one hand, I'm glad someone liked a previous design enough to request it for their own cake and it does make the planning and building go considerably quicker, but on the other hand - it's the same cake, been there done that.  Part of the fun is designing something new and individual for each person, but the customer is the ultimate decision maker...if they order a design that's been done by me previously, I'll do it again.  That's just the way the cookie crumbles.

Speaking of deja vu - do the flowers on this cake look somewhat familiar?


If so, you have been paying attention; gold star!  They are a few extras I had made for use on a previous cake, but ended up not needing them.  Rather than chunk them in the garbage, and waste all that time, effort, and gumpaste, I opted to hang on to them, knowing I'd be able to find a use for them at some point.  Sure enough, I did!  (And, before you get all huffy about me using flowers from one design on another, it's not like they were previously used, taken off a cake, then recycled.)

Though for everything that comes around again, there are also new adventures to balance everything out.  For instance, this circus themed cake (and smash cake); made to match the party decorations, of course!


And this bow-tie cake for a baby shower.


And this chevron, striped, and "give me the keys" themed sweet 16 birthday cake.


The license plate was an edible image - I knew better than to attempt hand drawing that design.

Hmm...just noticed there was lots of blue in these past few cakes.  That was unplanned, promise!

Talk to you soon!

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