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10 December 2014

Pretty in Pink

Nope, we are not talking about the Molly Ringwald film today, which on a side note, I might mention, I have never seen from start to finish, just bits and pieces here and there.

I know, I know - classic John Hughes "Brat Pack" film - I have no good excuse.

Let's talk pink (the color) now, eh?

Pink with sparkles.


Gray and pink - one of my favorite color pairings with pink (if you HAVE to have pink, it's not one of my favorite colors to begin with...)


Pink, red, and green - Strawberry Shortcake's favorite color trio.  Oh, and I just learned the other day that her puppy dog's name is "Pupcake."  There's some random trivia for you...


Another piece of random Shortcake trivia - her cat's name is "Custard" and her blue-haired friend is "Blueberry Muffin."  I kid you not, so if you're ever on a game show playing for millions of dollars and either of those questions come up, you can thank me.  Who says cruising the Internet is a giant time waster?


Talk to you soon!

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