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06 January 2015

Slim Down Those Sweets

With the New Year settling in, you may be thinking of making some changes to help you clean up your diet, shed some calories, or get in shape.  If so, consider using fruit and/or veggie purees in some of your baked goods - just keep in mind that they make desserts denser, so try a 25% to 50% trade to find the right ratio.

Some options to try:
  • Applesauce - works well in muffins and cakes; use an equal amount to replace some of the butter, oil, or shortening.
  • Canned Pumpkin or Sweet Potato Puree - substitute in a 1 to 1 ratio in spice bread/cakes or chocolate desserts; also try adding a can of pumpkin to a brownie mix in place of the oil and eggs.
  • Prunes or Dates - try adding to gingerbread and brownies; blend a half cup with six tablespoons of water until smooth, then use the puree to replace an equal amount of fat
  • Bananas - try subbing half the amount of the oil called for the same amount of mashed banana; avoid adding bananas to anything you don't want to taste vaguely fruity.

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