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23 July 2015


Well...we all know they are taking over the world.  They are in movie theaters, McDonald's Happy Meals (maybe even cussing, according to some news stories), clothing, home goods - absolutely everywhere.  And, now, they are even in cake...


Apologies for the poor photo quality - it was late.  And, I haven't yet figured out how people who live in humid areas work with fondant and get it to cooperate!  It was humid in these parts when I built these two and the ruffles on the skirts just wouldn't hold - I can only guess that it was due to the humidity.  But, hey, at least it's been raining!

Another thing I've decided while working on recent cakes is that the popular rosette piping shouldn't be done on tiered cakes unless there is a smooth tier to separate them.  Two tiers of rosette piping just looks heavy and makes the cake lose some of it's silhouette.


But, regardless of tiered or not, I still enjoy doing these cakes.  They make a huge statement and are fun to make!

We are forecasted to be settling into a bit of a heat wave over the next week or so (it is July after all), so you might want to find the nearest sno-cone stand or ice down the watermelon.


This bright paisley print brings to mind outdoor festivals and easy summer living (at least to me, not sure I could say why, but it does).


No matter the season, it's always a good time for cupcakes, cookies, and cake balls.





Talk to you soon!

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