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09 July 2015

Let Freedom Ring

Did you have a great Independence Day ?  I did!  Enjoyed some nice time with friends, ate WAY too much good food, and, as is the American way, set off a few fireworks.

How do you refer to the 4th of July?  Is it the "4th of July" or "Independence Day?"

I whipped up several things for our celebration, but the only one I managed (ok, maybe more like remembered) to snap a photo of was the frosting shots.


And, yes, they are simply frosting - no cake included.  These in particular were key lime cream cheese frosting with a dusting of graham crackers.  Don't you love the adorable wooden spoons?  I think I picked them up a local craft store last summer...

Speaking of freedom and independence, doesn't retirement encompass them both?  I sure hope it does...


Talk to you soon!

P.S. May I just point out that I am caught up with sharing goodies with you!  This hasn't happened in months, and, let's be honest, it might not happen again for months.  Never can tell with my schedule.  But for now - happy dance!

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