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23 November 2012

Procrastination Station

All aboard the train headed for procrastination station!

Make no mistake, I've been busy...just not busy editing photos and typing blog posts, hence, my ticket for the train.  Want proof?  This first cake is Halloween themed.  Oh yeah, you read that correctly.  It's the day AFTER Thanksgiving (by the way thanks for stopping by when you could be out shopping with the masses) and I'm still sharing Halloween cakes.  Just because I'm awesome like that.  Hah!


In my defense, this cake was actually for the weekend after October 31.  Still, doesn't excuse my lack of updates, I know...  Anywho, the cake was finished in buttercream with fondant and gumpaste accents and had lots of gummy candies spilling out of the top of the "bag."  I remember sour gummy worms tasting so much better when I was younger though.

All that candy tends to leave you thirsty, so you might as well grab a drink from the drive-in.


This cake started out 3D, then collapsed and became a 2D rendition instead.  (Seriously, it collapsed, that's not a euphemism or anything.)  I'm a problem solver, what can I say?  We won't go into the choice words I used and moment of utter disbelief I had when the first cake disintegrated; let's just gaze upon this version instead.  Again, all buttercream with fondant accents, except this time there's a few isomalt "ice cubes" and piping gel "diet coke."

Some of you may want to avert your eyes from the left side of this next cake.


Yes, that is a crimson and cream (actually it's white, but official colors and all...) football helmet in my kitchen.  It was a tough undertaking to create such a thing, but I got it done, and even kept the nightmares to a minimum. Hehe!  Bedlam is tomorrow, by the way, and hopefully the Pokes will be Norman's worst nightmare.  Ride 'em, Cowboys!  The other element to this cake was the rolled fire hose.  Originally, we had planned to stack the helmet on the hose, but that would have resulted in far too many servings, so we went this route instead.  The end of the hose is modeled from rice krispy treats and the water is colored piping gel.

And, last for today, a little bit of fall.


The leaves were piped from chocolate, yummy!  The cake was finished in a textured buttercream and the name plaque was made using fondant.  I apologize for the lighting in the photo; I had this cake finished by 6:30 pm, but with the time change it was already nearly full dark.  Short daylight hours in the evening - one of my least favorite parts of this time of year.

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!  Are you finished Christmas shopping yet?

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