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30 November 2012

Channeling Pollock

Jackson Pollock, that is.  My two designs were much more fleeting and would never have gone for the price one of his paintings commands, but I still had a lot of fun and mine creations were edible.

I got in touch with my inner artiste and splatter painted a cake...with buttercream.  Yes, it was fun.  Yes, it was messy.  But aren't some of the best things in life?


I also splatter painted a few cake balls to go with the cake.  My hands were multicolored for days due to the food dye.  Ah, the life of a caker baker.


I don't think any of my "paint" slinging was going anywhere near 55 mph, but then again, according to this cake, it's not my speed limit anyway.


Oh, and have you ever seen fruit roll-up blooms?  If not, you're about to on this cute, mini, tiered cake I made for my niece's birthday.  Yep, those flowers are made from fruit leather (the polka dots are, too).  Nifty, no?  And they taste a whole lot better than the gumpaste ones!


Talk to you soon!

P.S.  I realize I'm inundating you with cake posts this week (there will be one more tomorrow!), but I'm playing catch up on sharing my November work.  Time got away from me, and I like to try to share the cakes on the blog prior to posting them on any other social media.  That way my followers get to see the creations first!


  1. I love to decorate cakes, too!

    Would love for you to join us for Fresh Fridays :)