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29 November 2012

Pub Crawl

I'm famous!

Okay, well not really, but a photo of one of my cakes did get some time on our local newspaper's social media feed a few weeks back.  (Yeah, I'm's a perpetual problem this time of year.)

It was this one:


It was the anniversary cake for a local restaurant in my hometown.  And, yes, it was a BIG undertaking.  I even recruited Pax, my artist niece, to help with it, and Madre to help with the delivery and set-up!  The entire display when set up came in at 66" long and almost 20" tall at it's tallest point.

It actually consisted of four smaller cakes, all combined to make the one display.  There was the "logo" sheet cake:


Obviously, rendering their logo in edible medium.

The "roof is on fire" sheet cake:


This design was from one of the t-shirts the restaurant staff wears.  The original building the Pub was in was  involved in a fire that caused them to have to move to a new location, so naturally we had to reference the happening.

And, the brick wall/beer tap cake and of course, the beer cake:


The beer tap was designed, sculpted, and painted by Pax from Styrofoam.  I knew it wasn't something I felt comfortable taking on, and she was happy to help me out.  I'm assuming it's the first time she's ever been commissioned to create a beer tap...  Side note:  she's got a fabulous new site showcasing her artwork, you should check it out.  Just click here.

All the cakes were buttercream based with only the logos and other minor elements (i.e. the beer mug handle and beer tap) being made from either gumpaste, edible sugar sheets, or, in the case of the tap, Styrofoam.  Why styro?  I needed it to be light enough to hang off the side of the cake for an extended period of time!

The cake boards were fondant covered and painted with a copper glaze to mimic the bar top in the restaurant.  And those round and square pieces you may have noticed at the front of the cake, those were "beer coasters."  My personal favorites of those were the Rebus puzzles (word picture puzzles).

Oh, and one last tidbit.  The brick wall cake started out a light pink before I airbrushed it with a mix of dark red, black, and brown.  I'm still cleaning up the over spray...

If you're ever in my area and need a good place to have a beer and maybe get a bite to eat, you should stop in and visit the Pub.  And, no, they didn't ask me to say that - it really is a fun place to hang out.

Talk to you soon!

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