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03 December 2012

And So It Begins...

Cookie season is in full swing!  Don't get me wrong I make cookies year 'round, but December is far and away the busiest month for cookies...particularly decorated sugar cookies.  But, don't worry - while my kitchen will be pretty much covered in cookie dough, powdered sugar, sprinkles, and royal icing for the next few weeks, I'll still have cakes to share with you.  And, yes, there will be photos of the cookies. Hehe!

But, for today, how about zebra stripes and leopard print in both cake AND cookies?


A few of the extra cookies I had leftover, minus the "3" and "T."  Yes, the leopard print on the cookies looked more giraffe than I would have liked, next time I'll use a light brown.


A little more proof that I do make cookies in designs that aren't winter/Christmas themed:


Football!  Oh's not over yet.  There's still a few high school playoffs (which is what these cookies were for) going on and then there is "Bowl Season."  It may be a fiasco, but at least it's college football.  And...OSU will be making a bowl appearance this year!  Hmm...what bowl, you ask?  Well, it's one I've never heard of, the Heart of Dallas Bowl, but it's still a bowl.  We'll be going up against Purdue and yes, I plan to cheer the Cowboys to victory.  Go Pokes Go!

Ahem.  Excuse my little sideline jaunt there, I'm back on task now.  In fact, so nicely back on task that I've got the first of the winter/Christmas sugar cookies here for you!


Speaking of Christmas, are you done shopping yet?  I can gladly say that I am!  Now I just need to wrap everything, good thing I love that part of the holidays.

Talk to you soon!

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