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13 December 2012

Infinity and Beyond

Bet you can't guess what this first cake is themed around.  The aliens in the series are my favorite, though  not the biggest characters.  Oh, and I just recently watched #2 and #3; yeah, I'm a little behind the times.  Did the baby in the third movie give any of the rest of you shudders?  Creepy...

Anywho, the cake!


The figurines, candle, and wings weren't edible, but everything else was including the "cardboard" box topper.  This was one of those cakes that I had to transport unfinished, so I didn't get to snap any plain background photos.  *sigh*  Here's one of the cake before it left my kitchen - minus the wings, topper, and characters; it might give you a better idea of the cake itself.


I also created this "groovy" sweet sixteen cake this week.  I was a bit stumped for a design originally, but ended up loving the bright, over-sized flowers.  The writing was cut on the Silhouette using a chocolate icing didn't taste very much like chocolate though.  Trust me.


And, because it's that time of year, a few of the first batch of "official" Christmas cookies!


I added a few new designs this year:  the 8-point star, the light bulb, and a penguin.  Speaking of cookies, I better go start baking, I've got around 400 more cookies to bake and decorate before December 22nd.  Not sure my kitchen is going to hold them all...I'll keep you posted!

Oh!  And don't forget to enter the "Blogiversary" giveaway; you could win a $25 Williams-Sonoma gift card.  You can enter here.

Talk to you soon!

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