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06 December 2012

Pretty Ponies & Dramatic Damask

Do you remember pretty ponies from your childhood?  I do, they were some of my sisters' and my favorite toys.  But, as I am so often finding out these days, so many of my childhood favorites have been re-vamped and made-over so they don't hardly resemble what I remember.  Kinda makes me feel old...

The ponies on this cake were no exception.


I made this cake for one my nieces, I have to presume she was pleased with it since I ended up having to miss her birthday party.  It was buttercream finished with fondant flowers and writing.  The ponies I drew onto gumpaste and colored in with edible ink markers.

Why did I miss her party?  Well, because I was on the road with another traveling cake.  This cake and these cupcakes, actually:


The display was for a Sweet Sixteen party, and I had a great time with the client and the entire group of people I met during the weekend.  Plus, I got to visit a town I pass by quite often, but never have stopped into...I think I may need to go back sometime since I didn't get to do much sightseeing.  Oh, and, I experienced a major case of kitchen envy (the client had an AH-MAZING kitchen, which I was allowed to work in to finish up the cupcakes) and I contemplated bringing the cake stand home with me since it was absolutely gorgeous.  Note:  I didn't bring the stand home, have a little faith, people; I'm not the kind of person to abscond with things that aren't mine.

The topper cake was covered in white fondant with a black fondant damask pattern.  The cupcakes were vanilla and chocolate topped with vanilla buttercream and either whole Oreos or crushed Oreos.  Added bonus, for those who didn't like cake, there was also a chocolate fountain with all sorts of delicious dippers.  And...the chocolate in the fountain was dyed purple.  How fun is that?

Talk to you soon!

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