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02 May 2013

It Never Fails

There was snow on the ground around these parts this morning.  Snow!  On May 2nd.  *sigh*  Two days ago it was 90°F, today it's barely scraping the mid-40s.  Not that we locals didn't expect this latest hissy fit from Mother is "Pioneer Days" after all.

If you don't know what "Pioneer Days" is, let me give you a quick synopsis - one of the biggest community events we have in my part of the world, it encompasses parades, dances, and one of the USA's largest outdoor rodeos.  Basically, lots of activities that are best suited for warmer weather.  Half the time, we end up with some form of frozen precipitation and gale force winds.  We roll with it and still have a good time though.

So, what does all that have to do with cakes, cookies, and cupcakes?  Absolutely  Just figured I'd share that tidbit with you.  Though these cupcakes do but me in a "lounging on the beach" kind of mood.


The fish and crabs were made from gumdrops.  Have you ever tried to flatten and then cut a shape from a gumdrop.  It's a lesson in patience and stickiness...on every thing!

Did you know last week was National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week?  Don't feel bad, I probably wouldn't have known either, except I was commissioned to create this cake for our local hospital's lab team.


I also created this fun volleyball themed cake for a sweet girl turning 9 years old.


The net wasn't edible, but was instead made from millinery netting.  (Bonus points if you know what "millinery" is without Googling it.)  And, drawing the proper lines on a gumpaste volleyball is much tougher than I anticipated; managed to get it done though.

Giant cookie cakes!  I haven't made one in quite sometime, but I was lucky enough to get to make two this week - one of the sugar variety, and one of the chocolate chip variety.



We won't go into the details of the disaster the chocolate chip cookie version made of my oven.  Suffice to say I was smelling burnt cookie for a couple of days.  No one's fault but my own, I overfilled the pan.  It was about time to clean the oven anyway.

Western themed sugar cookies; perfectly fitting for this time of year.  Bandannas with sunflowers, jean pockets, boots, cowboy hats, and horseshoes.  The "shoes" were embossed with the lucky guy and gal's first initials.  (The cookies were for a wedding shower.)


Oooh, and I went on a brownie binge this week, too!  No, I didn't eat any of them, they all went out the door, but I was sorely tempted.  Variety is the spice of life - basic fudgy brownies with chocolate chips, peanut butter swirl brownies, and cheesecake swirl brownies.  All topped with a little extra drizzle of goodness - caramel, white chocolate, or dark chocolate.  Mmmm...mmmm...mmm.


Most people get 24 to 36 brownies from a single batch.  Not this girl.  I'm lucky if I can eek out 12 brownies from one recipe.  I don't believe on skimping on the size when the goodies are for an order.  I'd cut myself a smaller piece...probably.  Though might depend largely on how the day has gone...

Talk to you soon!

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