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16 May 2013

The Dog Ate My Homework

And a few reasons why I haven't shared cake and other goodies with you for a couple of weeks...9 reasons to be exact.  Why 9?  Because that's how many photos I have today, and no, the reasons will not match up to the photos in most cases.

Excuses, you say?  Nah, I refuse to refer to them as such.  They are reasons...good ones, too!  And, no, there isn't actually any homework involved...I haven't had much of that in a few years!

Reason #1:
My to-do list is pages long.  My calendar blocks are so full I couldn't possibly squeeze in another word.  And, my pending orders folder has reached maximum capacity.


Account #2:
Pioneer Days happened...if you're familiar with the event, no more need be said.  If you're not, take my word for it. *big grin*


Defense #3:
I took a quick trip to Denver, CO.


Exposition #4:
I saw Zac Brown Band in concert at Red Rocks!  Amazing show...if you get the chance and are a fan, I recommend you see them.


Ground #5:
I ran a 10K in the Mile High City.  The thinner air didn't affect me as negatively as I anticipated.


Idea #6:
The weather is warming up quickly.  My AC has not been working.  It's repaired now and the bill came today.  Decorating cakes with buttercream in 90°F heat is difficult.  Writing the check to cover the bill was painful.


Justification #7:
I commenced training for the Savage Race.  It's a far cry from my typical training.  It's strangely fun, but I hurt.


Notion #8:
Mother's Day.  'Nuff said.


Rationale #9:
Graduation season is in full swing.  It will segue into summer wedding season.  I need a vacation.


Talk to you soon!  (Hopefully!)
P.S.  Bonus points if you recognized all the reason synonyms.

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