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30 May 2013

Graduation Goodies - The 2nd Installment

If you're wondering where the first installment of the Graduation Goodies can be found, go to yesterday's post.  Or if you don't feel like scrolling, just click here.

Anywho, on to today's fodder.

First things first, I have to give a HUGE shout-out and thank you to my niece, Pax, who stepped in and sous-chef-ed for me on Friday night.  She didn't have to help me out, but her doing so meant I actually got to sleep a few hours (yay!) and still get everything done.  Thank you, Pax!!

While I did most of the dipping and constructing, Pax was the roller and decorator for this cake ball "cake."  The piece was for her sister (my niece's) graduation party the next day.  Confused yet?  No worries, just roll with it.  Oh, and the photo isn't great quality, I snapped it with my phone after I managed to assemble the "cake" between other deliveries Saturday morning; with everything else going on, I forgot to bring along my camera.  I thought it turned out pretty cool and I only used half a box of toothpicks in the construction! 

CB 8_ew

Pax also helped me with these cookies.  She outlined all the whales and embossed the patterns for the monograms and numbers.  Oh, and reminded me not to make the whales look depressed; the first whale cookie I attempted to add a face to looked very sad indeed.  (You can find the cookie at the bottom of this post because, let's be honest, we all know you want to see it.) 


The cookies were shaped like balloons to compliment the cake, which had a familiar graduation theme.  Can you guess the book?


This next cake was fun to create since it was a bit outside the box of what a "traditional" graduation cake usually entails.


Yes, it's a tree stump.  There were cupcakes to go with the cake - one design was a nod to the grad's high school and other a nod to his college selection.  The javelina toppers were made from chocolate and were a test to my patience.


Speaking of tests of patience - this final cake was in more ways than one.  For instance, the chevron pattern, which looks amazing, is a pain in the rear to apply.  There has got to be a better method than the one I tried.  Oh, and I broke several of the letters that were part of the topper.  Luckily, I had made a back-up set.  I managed to only break one letter from that set - good thing it was different from the others I'd busted, so between the two I had one full topper.  Whew!  Besides those things though, I did enjoy the look of this cake, it had a lot of elements, but I loved the gray introduced with the black and orange.


That's the last of the graduation goodies!  Looks like I won't need that 3rd post after all, though I do still have all the others to get edited and posted.  Perhaps this weekend...

Talk to you soon!

You're still here?  Not that I mind, but the post is over.  Go explore some more of the blog!


Oh, that's right, I did promise you a photo of the depressed whale cookie.  Well, since you stuck around and had to remind me, I'll give you two photos.  One before I gave him an actual a reason to be depressed, and one after.

Depressed WhaleDepressed Whale 2

Yep, you guessed it.  I turned him into my mid-morning snack!  No sense in wasting a perfectly good cookie, after all.  Later, gators!

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