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29 May 2013

Reminds Me of That Cartoon...

You know the one...yeah, that one.

Oh, you don't know the one?  I'm referring to the one that shows a disheveled character with the statement that they were put on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things...and right now, they are so far behind they will never die.  That's how my life feels right now.  Of course, we all know that that isn't really how it works - if it did, none of us would mind our ever growing to-do lists.  In fact, we'd probably be searching for things to ADD to the list rather than trying to mark things off.

On the "Positive Polly" side of things, how blessed am I to have so many things to occupy my time and energy?!  Though, with all those things, the blog sometimes gets pushed to the sidelines, my apologies for that.  I appreciate you sticking with me.  And, as a reward, I've got the first of two (might even turn into three) posts of graduation cakes.  Oooh!  Added bonus, I'm going to try to squeeze in an additional post that includes all the know, the birthday and baby shower cakes, mini cupcakes, and other goodies for events that happen even if it is graduation season. *big smile*

Let's get to the first of the grad grub, eh?


The decorations on this cake were all made from chocolate.  Fun medium to work with, but not exactly the best choice when it comes to delivery on a 100°F day.  That's what full-blast A/C is for!

The next five photos were all part of the same order; I was able to use the graduate's artwork for the toppers on some of the cupcakes and for the main decoration on the cake!  I was told she (the grad) specifically requested a cake from me for her reception, hopefully it lived up to her expectations.  We even came up with a nice summer cupcake combination for her - key lime cake with strawberry buttercream - like a strawberry limeade cake form.


It was specifically requested that this piece be used on the main cake, but I had the tough job of selecting other pieces to use for the cupcake toppers.  Not an easy task at all!





All the toppers on the cupcakes, with the exception of the art toppers, were made from chocolate.  Can you tell I was in the mood to work with something a little different.  For the most part, they all turned out well, though the warmth of my kitchen did cause the tassels on the grad cap toppers to spread more than I would have liked.  I couldn't get the pieces piped and the trays in the freezer fast enough to stop the ooze...

And, yes, the color is a bit off in the photos, I was up late.  C'est la vie!

I'll be back soon!  Promise...

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