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05 September 2013

An Elephant Never Forgets

But, since I'm not an elephant (at least, I wasn't last time I checked), I do sometimes forget.  I know, I know - hard to believe, but it happens to the best of us.  Last time I spaced something, I burned cinnamon sugar pretzels.  It was a travesty and the smell was awful, it took me two days to get rid of the odor!

Anywho, I'm sure this elephant never forgets anything, especially not birthdays.


And, while I don't know personally, I'd say that the web-slinger himself seldom forgets anything either.  Though don't quote me on that because, let's be honest, aside from a few cartoons and a couple of the movies, I'm not the most avid follower.  (Don't judge!  Each their own, remember?)


Of course, if it does happen that you forget something, unless it's of earth shattering importance, I'd say you can probably take the dog's approach to it:  kick some dirt over it and move on.  *wink*


Oh, and can I just say that slinging chocolate buttercream "mud" at a cake is strangely satisfying and quite a lot of fun.  It makes a huge mess that you then have to clean up, but what's that compared to a little fun, right?

Speaking of fun, cake related things - logos are always super, super fun to try to recreate in edible mediums.  Yes, you may be detecting a hint of facetiousness there - it's not that I'm opposed to logos on cakes, it's just that they are (for me anyway) notoriously difficult to get just perfectly "so."  They always seem to have shadows and shading and swoops and swirls and fonts that don't always translate so well from a digital file.  Oh sure, some of them aren't too difficult:


But, then you get the ones that have shadows and shading and swoops and swirls and fonts that need to be matched, and you begin wondering, how can something that looks so simple, be so difficult?


Ah...thanks for listening to me grouse.  Think I'll go work on the next logo'ed cake now.

Talk to you soon!

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