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25 September 2013

Cake Conversation

It started out simple enough...
"Do you remember that monster truck cake you made?  You had a picture of it in one of your books."

Me - "Yes, I do."  Commence rummaging around and flipping through several books in order to find the correct photo.  Finding photo - "Is this it?"

"Yeah.  I want my birthday cake to look like that."

Me - "Ok, we can do that.  No problem.  What flavor of cake do you want?"

"Chocolate like always."

Me - "Good choice."  Presume the conversation is finished, commence the other tasks I was working on completing.

Few minutes later...
"Can it have Batman and Robin climbing up the side of it?  Oh, and it needs to have the Riddler and Joker, too.  And some of those cake balls, but they should look like bombs.  All around the cake so it looks like the cake is about to be blown up."

Me - "Umm...ok.  Would you prefer to have the monster truck cake or the Batman cake?"


Me - "I'll see what I can do."

Did I mention this conversation was with my 8-year-old nephew?  I still haven't figured out how exactly we made the jump from a monster truck cake to the caped crusader and cake ball bombs, but it was an interesting discussion.  (I whittled out some of the more descriptive ideas he had...let's just say he was very specific and had VERY grand ideas for his cake.)  We ended up compromising.


(Yes, I used a flash on this photo.  Forgive me...)

Speaking of family birthdays, one of my niece's also celebrated a birthday recently.  She is now officially a teenager...  Side note:  icing a cake shaped like the number 3 was more difficult than I anticipated.  I'm sure you really needed to know that, but, hey, I like to share random tidbits sometimes.  


More birthday goodies (not for any of my family members though):


Basic "Plain Jane" cake, perfect for any type of party, birthday or not.


Football it for a birthday or just a game watching party?  (In this case, a birthday.)


Can you guess what movie these cupcakes were inspired by?  I'll give you a hint:  "Boo?"  "Kitty!"  Or if that doesn't help:
  1. Fill in the blank:  _______ under the bed.
  2. Inc.
Now, take the word you filled in the blank with and combine it with the second word.  Viola!  Thanks for playing along.

Talk to you soon!

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