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19 September 2013

I've Got A Lovely Bunch of Cupcakes...

Diddly dee.

There they are a-standing in a row.

Bom. Bom.

P9060031_cew     P9060054_ew     P9060035_ew

Salted caramel chocolate ones.  Camo buttercream white almond ones.  Vanilla bean and baseball topped ones.

Give them a try!

I've got a lovely bunch of cupcakes.

Diddly dee.

Did you enjoy the musical entertainment today?  Hope so.  Too bad you had to miss out on the dance moves...maybe next time.

Perhaps I should have offered you snacks prior to the entertainment.  Maybe a basket full of munchies - cinnamon sugar pretzels, chipotle honey peanuts, sweet and spicy crackers, red hot popcorn, s'more snack mix - any of that strike your fancy?


If not, maybe cake and cookies?  In this case, meringue roses.


Talk to you soon!  Bom. Bom.

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