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06 September 2013

Three Weddings

And a funeral.

Ok...not really, but I figure you were thinking it when you  read the title to this post.  I can honestly say, I've had some interesting cake requests, both in designs and reasons for wanting cake, but I've never had an order that I was told was specifically for a funeral.  Guess cake just doesn't seem to very appropriate on those occasions...  But, I digress.

Three weddings.  Three weekends.  And, I survived, the cakes survived, and Madre had a good time helping out.  If I recall correctly, after our third wedding cake delivery and set-up, her comment was along the lines of "it's such a hoot to deliver cakes with you."  Yep, that's me.  Here to entertain you while I try my best to handle the curve ball(s) that always seem to come up with weddings.  I honestly don't know how wedding planners manage to not go postal due to the stress and crazy antics and ideas I'm sure they encounter EVERY day.  That being said, let me just offer these two pieces of advice if you're planning a wedding (no you don't have to take my advice, although I personally think it's pretty good):

  1. Just because you can and it sounds like a great idea, does not mean you should.  Seriously consider all aspects of the matter - venue, time of year, safety, etc.
  2. You have delegated or will be delegating certain tasks to people.  If they tell you they are concerned or that something is not an advisable idea, you might be well served to take it to heart.  It doesn't mean that going with the original idea will end badly, it just means that you've upped the risk. that I've counseled you today, do you want to see the cakes?  Oh, and let's see if you can spot the commonality between all three; I'll give you the answer at the end of the post.

Wedding #1:


I seriously underestimated the amount of time I was going to need to create everything for this event.  There was the fondant ribbon wrapped wedding cake and three "kitchen" cakes, the chocolate groom's cake, and a sweets buffet with over 1,000 pieces.  To say sleep was in short supply in the days leading up to the event would be an understatement.


Yes, the bride and groom topper on the cake are high-fiving; how fun are those?


This was the first sweets buffet I've put together.  No, the stands and decorations were not mine, they were provided by the bride and party planners.


Side note:  the reception for this wedding was held in one of our local restaurants.  To say they transformed the place would be putting it lightly.  It was beautiful and absolutely amazing the work they did; I can only imagine how many hours they put in to make look so completely different.  I definitely was not prepared for the change.  (Not that the venue is bad to begin with, it's a fun place, just more sporty than rustic elegance.)

Wedding #2:


All buttercream...I think I spent over an hour piping the scrollwork onto this cake. And the logo on the groom's cake just about brought me to my knees, I fiddled with that thing for an hour or more.  *sigh*  

What do you think of the color combo?  I was skeptical when the mother-of-the-bride told me what the wedding colors were; it's not a combination I've seen very often, but it works really well.  Madre and I concluded that the orange was in honor of our Cowboys since there were OSU tents set-up outside the venue.  (We could possibly have been incorrect in that presumption, but that's what we went with...)


Venue note:  this reception was in a restaurant, too!  Though one that has been empty for as long as I can remember.  You never would have known it though; the place was sparkling and looked fantastic.  Bonus:  the banquettes and stools at the counter were covered in orange Naugahyde - perfect match for the color scheme!

Wedding #3:


Speaking of my Cowboys...yes, that is an Oklahoma state shaped groom's cake with the Pokes logo.  Absolutely fabulous.  The wedding cake is pretty stunning, too.  Fondant ribbon roses on the top and bottom tiers with ivory buttercream on the second and third.


Some of the rosettes  on the cake were tipped in gold.  Pretty, huh?


Did you spot the "C+C" heart on the groom's cake?  It was the bride's idea and echoed a similar design on their save the date cards.

Site note:  this reception was held in an airplane hangar.  Yep, you read that right - an airplane hangar.  No, there weren't any airplanes inside, well not full size ones anyway.  It was a really fun, out of the ordinary setting, but it was a tad warm inside.  I was concerned about the cakes having meltdowns, but have heard from a few people that they looked good and tasted good, so I'm guessing they survived intact.  Whew!

So, that wraps up this wedding post.  Did you spot the common thread among the three?  You forgot to keep an eye out?  Well, go look again.  I'll wait.  *whistling*

Back already?  So, do you know the answer?

If you said "pink," you are correct!  All the weddings had pink as one of "the" colors; different shades, yes, but still in the pink family.  I'm not sure if that's the color of the season or if it was just coincidence.

Anywho, talk to you soon!

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